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Join EUTEMPE-RX courses if

  • you are a medical physicist in a radiology department, in a medical device company or in a nuclear safety authority and you want to boost your career now

  • you want to learn new competences in medical physics in radiology at EQF level 8

  • your competences should be pushed to a next level: leadership, dosimetry, optimization, QA protocols, (Monte Carlo) modelling … for breast imaging, CT, angiography, link

  • you have to combine medical physics and the tasks of the RPE, link

  • you want to learn from top teachers, sharing their experience to small groups of learners (to-the-point, in depth teaching)
  • you appreciate online e-teaching of the theoretical content and you travel to learn about the details, the practicals, the onsite demonstrations, the discussions and common projects
  • you enjoy networking in an international team, in nice European cities
  • you want a certificate recognizing effort and achievements
  • you want to be part of the EUTEMPE-RX enthusiasts
  • your career needs a new boost

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