Providing experts in the field of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiologic Physics with high-quality practical (EQF8) training is what the EUTEMPE team stands for. Unfortunately, COVID-19 is preventing us from doing this in the way we love: welcoming you to our facilities where you interact with our experts and gain practical experience, top level knowledge, skills and competencies. However, our aim of sharing our knowledge to help colleagues in our field grow as medical physicists has not changed! 

We just needed to find other ways to do this!  Hence, we are very happy to announce a series of EFOMP-EUTEMPE didactic webinars, followed by online masterclasses.

The webinars, which are free of charge, will be in a familiar format, introducing a specific subject by means of a presentation, with room for interaction with the lecturers. 

The online masterclass for each topic will follow on a number of weeks after the original webinar. The masterclasses, which have a greater number of educational hours, will provide the opportunity to delve deeper into the subject, gaining a more comprehensive understanding of the topic and helping cement the knowledge gained.

We’re looking forward to seeing you online soon!

Webinar videorecordings will be permanently accessible via EFOMP’s elearning platform

email: webinars@efomp.org


First Webinar & Masterclass:

Telling ain’t Teaching!

Now that we know from the first EFOMP-EUTEMPE webinar that telling ain’t teaching, it is time for the next step!

During the masterclass “Telling ain’t Teaching” we will dive deeper into the educational aspects, and will uncover more building blocks for effective learning.

There will also be more focus on online learning and teaching. Different online tools will be used during the masterclass to give you an interactive online experience, and to make you more familiar with using these tools yourself. Of course a lot of practical tips for creating your own (online) courses will be provided.

We’re looking forward to see you!